Saturday, 24 March 2012

Vintage Fairs

I must admit, I am not one to go rummaging through vintage shops trying to find bargains and quirky vintage clothing.
However, I am rather obsessed with vintage buttons and tins. Today, I went to a local vintage fair in a Somerset countryside village hall and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed!
I found boxes of original carded buttons for £1 per complete set and only 50p if a couple of buttons were missing (I paid £5 for 4 buttons in Angel near Camden last year).
I could have easily gone mad but restrained myself and bought 36 mother of pearl and 12 deep red buttons on a French card!

Needless to say I am a very happy bunny!

I urge all you crafty types to look out for vintage fairs as they happen all over the country all year round!

Friday, 23 March 2012

50s at jigsaw

Some lovely Chanel-alikes and first lady styling!

Tropical florals

Lovely tropical prints from oasis


Tribal is a huge trend yet again this spring (YAY).

Gorgeous looks from marks & spencer

Pastels & sporty styling

Pastel shades and ice cream loveliness from John Lewis.

Sporty styling from next!

Live blogging! Starting shortly...

I'll be posting about all the key high street trends for S/S 2012!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Bristol Fashion Week - Live Blogging

I will be live blogging all the S/S 12 high street trends from Bristol Fashion Week on March 23rd from 4.30pm!!

"Official Bristol Fashion Week Blogger"

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Spring Suggestions

It may not quite be spring yet but I think it's time to start thinking about the seasons wardrobe!
As its an awkward half winter/half spring time at the moment, lots of clothing websites are having sales to make room for new stock, this is perfect for people to find some stylish and discounted outfits to bridge the gap between seasons!

I recommend the ASOS sale as its brilliant all year round.

I have just purchased this adorable dress perfect for dressing up or down and suitable for hot and cold weather!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Next Season A/W 12

This is next seasons colour forecast from Pantone. It is a comparatively bright palette compared to past winters but is mainly about taking the tones from the summers forecast and muting them slightly, as well as making them more pastel.

As this is next season, it is unlikely that these colours will be in clothing stores current collections. However, the reason we find out about it so early is so that we can plan our autumn wardrobes and be ahead of the curve on the more 'English Summer' days.

It is worth bearing in mind that designers actually get these colour forecasts years in advance so it is worth checking last years wardrobe to see what you can adapt and recycle!

Current Season S/S 12

Here is the Pantone forecast for the current season. The majority of colours are brighter than the last few summers and there is a lot of strong pinks and yellows about in the stores to help you stay on trend.
If you hadn't seen this forecast before reading this, I guarantee that the next shop you go in, you will notice these colours in the new collections.

Colour Forcasts

2012's first string of fashion weeks is drawing to a close so I thought I would talk about the colour predictions for the Autumn/Winter season!

Industry folk use a website called WGSN ( analyse colour and trend predictions for past and present seasons. However, to people like you & I, it is somewhat inaccessible due to the rather large subscription fee! It is also exclusive in that you have to apply and must be approved before they will even take your money!

Happily though, as all the schemes are chosen in Pantone(R) colours you can go straight to the source! The pantone website ( always has an up-to-date archive of colour forcasts that can be viewed for free by everyone. There is also a fashion section that will tell you the 'Colour of the Year' (which is exactly what it sounds like) and more about why the colours where chosen, as well as having pictures from various fashion shows and collections to back up the decision.

This years colour of the year is, of course, Tangerine Tango.