Sunday, 4 March 2012

Colour Forcasts

2012's first string of fashion weeks is drawing to a close so I thought I would talk about the colour predictions for the Autumn/Winter season!

Industry folk use a website called WGSN ( analyse colour and trend predictions for past and present seasons. However, to people like you & I, it is somewhat inaccessible due to the rather large subscription fee! It is also exclusive in that you have to apply and must be approved before they will even take your money!

Happily though, as all the schemes are chosen in Pantone(R) colours you can go straight to the source! The pantone website ( always has an up-to-date archive of colour forcasts that can be viewed for free by everyone. There is also a fashion section that will tell you the 'Colour of the Year' (which is exactly what it sounds like) and more about why the colours where chosen, as well as having pictures from various fashion shows and collections to back up the decision.

This years colour of the year is, of course, Tangerine Tango.