Saturday, 24 March 2012

Vintage Fairs

I must admit, I am not one to go rummaging through vintage shops trying to find bargains and quirky vintage clothing.
However, I am rather obsessed with vintage buttons and tins. Today, I went to a local vintage fair in a Somerset countryside village hall and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed!
I found boxes of original carded buttons for £1 per complete set and only 50p if a couple of buttons were missing (I paid £5 for 4 buttons in Angel near Camden last year).
I could have easily gone mad but restrained myself and bought 36 mother of pearl and 12 deep red buttons on a French card!

Needless to say I am a very happy bunny!

I urge all you crafty types to look out for vintage fairs as they happen all over the country all year round!