Thursday, 19 July 2012

Topshop Lipstick

When Topshop first brought out their make-up line I had high hopes, the packaging was lovely and the price was reasonable so I purchased the concealer. However, to be perfectly honest I found it, adequate. This is probably because I need quite high coverage and this was a bit to sheer for me!

Anyway, when shopping in the sales on Monday I went into Topshop to look through their reductions and the only thing that caught my eye was one little black box, the last lipstick left in the accessories sale. I looked at the colour and saw it was a pale pink called 'Pillow Talk', I wear different shades of pink lipstick everyday so I thought I'd give it a go! It was reduced to £3.00 (£2.70 with student discount) and according to the website they are usually £8.00 so mine was a bargain! I actually really love this shade as it's much paler and more subtle than my usual lipsticks, it's also really creamy and doesn't dry out my lips.

The only complaint I have is that it needs to be re-applied fairly often, and if I'd paid full price that might annoy me a little.

If you have tried any other forms of Topshop make-up please let me know what you think of them!