Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Boux Avenue Press Preview - Cabot Circus

Hello everyone!
I am so, so sorry for not blogging in ages! I have been so busy and just not had the time.

Anyway, on the 13th of September I went to the opening of Boux Avenue's 13th store in Cabot Circus, Bristol. If you haven't heard of it, Boux Avenue is a lingerie store owned by Theo Pathitis of Dragon's Den fame.

When I arrived I was amazed at the lovely layout of the store, and how classy and reasonably priced the merchandise was. The lingerie is displayed in draws so it is really easy to find the right size without knocking things off rails (which I usually do)! The decor is black & white with accents of pink and the whole place oozes luxury.

The staff were really lovely and extremely helpful, offering expert bra fittings (and it not being awkward, phew!). The fitting rooms are also TO DIE FOR. They have carpet flooring and 3 different light settings so you can see what you look like at dawn, dusk and night. The rooms also have names, like 'silk' or 'lace' which adds to the glamour.

Theo Pathitis was at the launch and was kind enough to give interviews to those who wanted them, I was far too nervous to ask of course but it was nice to see him so involved in the launch.

As 'press' we were given a gift bag, containing a voucher to spend in-store. I had already decided what I wanted to buy after my fitting so was thrilled that I could purchase it with my voucher! In regards to the quality of the garments I really have to say, this is the single most comfortable and best fitting bra I have EVER owned, and it was only £20 (which is the average price, some bra's are more expensive and some cheaper). I highly recommend this chain to anyone, especially if you're not sure what size you are!

Overall, I had a really enjoyable day and I will definitely shop here again. The value for money is incredible and the quality of service second to none!

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