Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Urban Outfitters Sale Find!

Firstly, I want to say that I really like Urban Outfitters, I think their clothes and jewellery are good quality, current style-wise and have just enough individuality. However, I personally believe that the majority of their stuff is ridiculously overpriced! Maybe I'm just a bitter, poor student but I don't much fancy paying £40 for a T-Shirt, do you agree?

Having said this I adore their SALES! They knock the prices right down and often have really good products in them, not just the stuff that's leftover from seasons and seasons ago.

Due to the cold, wet and very snowy weather we've been having lately, I had been thinking about getting some Doc Marten's style boots. I walked around pretty much every shop in Cardiff that sells shoes until I found these...

After wearing these for a couple of weeks, in the snow and rain, I have come to the decision that these are one of my best ever purchases! They are comfortable and warm, the suede is good quality and obviously, they were a bargain price!

Have you found any good sale purchases? Drop me a comment!