Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Fix Up, Look Sharp Event!

The other day I attended the Bristol Fix Up, Look Sharp event hosted by Clic Sargent.In case you don't know, Clic Sargent is a Children's cancer charity and this event was all about displaying the ways you can customise and modernise clothes that you can find in charity shops!
I must admit I feel awkward when going into charity shops, I always donate but never purchase. However, when I got the email I was really excited to see what they had come up with to encourage people to try this idea out.
The main thing I noticed about the clothing at the event was that all the customisation was really simple and with a little inspiration anyone could do it! Even if you're not handy with a sewing machine there are so many things you can do to customise a charity shop find!
Here are some pictures from the event to give you a little inspiration...

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Have I just spied Miley Cyrus rocking a rat-tail?
I love Miley, and I know she's very proud of her country roots but I can't help but dislike this particular accessory.

I don't think ill be following this trend... What do you guys think?

Bella Sorella Pop-Up Store!

Last Thursday I attended the Bella Sorella Boutique pop-up shop event in Cabot Circus, Bristol. The store is owned and run by Lydia Bright of TOWIE fame, along with her sister Georgia.

When I received the invite I did one of those 'oh god' snorts of derision. This was partly based on the last pop-up store event I attended, which was Minnie's Boutique, owned by Sam Faiers (also of TOWIE fame).

Minnie's left A LOT to be desired, cheap looking clothing at extortionate prices and absolutely none of it designed by Sam herself. So needless to say I had very low expectations of Bella Sorella. 

However, Bella Sorella's clothing was far more tasteful than that of Minnie's, the prices were still high but I felt the clothing warranted the price tag. To my absolute delight, there were a few dresses there that Lydia had actually designed herself! And they really weren't THAT bad! Unfortunately none of the clothing was particularly to my taste but I certainly had respect for the work she was doing. Lydia also seemed like a very bubbly, hands-on person (not that I could understand her thick Essex accent...)

Here's a few pictures from the event -