Monday, 21 July 2014

10 Things that Fashion School taught me...

I have decided to do a slightly different post and write about the things I discovered whilst I was at University. I feel like Universities and Fashion Schools have certain reputations and I just wanted to shed some light on the subject.

Disclaimer: These are my personal opinions and are to be taken light-heartedly and comedically.


Money is the single most important thing if you're doing a fashion course. If you don't have an account at the Bank of Mommy & Daddy then you are well and truly screwed. By some sick joke I ended up getting the least amount of student loan and had to get a job to support myself. I have absolutely no issue working for my own money but, even with a job, I still couldn't cover the cost of fabrics, equipment and trips to London all the bloody time! So yeah - make sure you have some funds and/or a sugar daddy.


You WILL meet people who will mock your course. People may laugh at you for studying Fashion, they will tell you it's not a real course and that you just sit there and sew sometimes. The best thing to say to these people is - "Do you wear clothes? Yeah, I thought so".Also - from my experience, Fashion students are the single most hard-working body of people at University. We were in Uni 8am - 8pm 5 days a week by CHOICE.


It doesn't matter how good you are at something, there will always be someone better than you and that's OK. Your degree is not about competing, it is about doing what you want the best you can. I guarantee you will discover talents that you never knew you had. Be proud of yourself, share ideas and give advice! The worst thing you can do is be too scared of someone copying your work, this can isolate you when you are the one who needs advice or help with those damn pockets that you can't do no matter how many times you try.


The more elite your institution is, the more likely you are to encounter strong-minded people who have an opinion about everything. However, the reality of it is - this is NOT the norm, you will meet genuine, like-minded people and you WILL make real friends.


If you don't have regular breakdowns when deadlines are looming, you are probably doing something wrong. It is OK to have a cry because you can't find the perfect two-way stretch velvet (I had my Final Collection breakdown in Spud-u-Like for this very reason). The most important thing is to remember that it is okay to be stressed and it is also okay to cry BUT do not let it get you down. You have to wipe those tears away, have a burger and pull yourself together.


I can't even express how crucial this is! Every time you overcome something that, at one point, you thought was impossible, you must treat yourself. Those pleats you couldn't get right? That's a beer and a burger down the pub with your housemates. That killer deadline? That's a new outfit from Topshop. If you reward yourself then it gives you something to look forward to and a reason to pull through the breakdowns and the stress. You are also allowed to reward yourself even if it seems like an insignificant achievement to others.


On the back of rewarding yourself, socialising is equally important. The fact is, student night's are weeknights. If you have Uni at 10am the next day but your friends are begging you to go to this cool new club night where everything is £2, just f**king go! It is okay to worry about the consequences later (as long as you know your limits and don't do this every day)!


I will stand by this statement until the end of time. Like writer's get writer's block, us creative's can get creativity block. During your degree you will always be pressured to think up something new and innovative all the damn time, our brains don't work like this.Here are some of my solutions:- Watch some weird, independent movie or documentary on Netflix that you've never heard of. Sometimes this will inspire a different subject matter you'd never normally have thought of.-  Take yourself on a trip. Get on that damn train and go somewhere you've never been before, or go to an exhibition or a designer store or just anywhere that might change your perspective on the task at hand.- Procrastinate. Even though it seems like the biggest faux-pas, reading through pages of mindless internet content can actually help clear your head. Also, the likelihood you will stumble upon something unusual and interesting is great.


They happen, deal with it. There really aren't enough hours in the day. When you have big deadlines, most students have about 2 - 3 hours sleep a night. It is OK to go to uni without make-up on and with all the dry shampoo in the world on your hair. Your classmates understand and will probably look just as awful as you.


It doesn't matter how much you loved or hated University, Graduation will always be the best day of your life. Also, if you didn't enjoy Uni, it is more than likely you will look back on it with only fond memories. Be PROUD of yourself. Sure, you basically paid £20K+ for a piece of paper that says you're smart, but it is so much more than that and will stay with you forever. Frame that damn degree and hang it on the wall and tell everyone you graduated because its a f**king achievement that you will be proud of for the rest of your life.


StyleSucker BA (hons)

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Spring nails!

Okay so I've been a very bad blogger and haven't done a post in a while so I thought I'd share with you my spring nails!
These cute, glitter pastel nails are the perfect way to incorporate a little colour into the last days of your winter wardrobe!
I have used Models Own 'utopia' and a glitter varnish from H&M. 
I hope you like them!
xoxo StyleSucker