Saturday, 24 January 2015

Thailand Travels!

On 27th December 2014 I hopped on a plane (by myself) and flew out to Bangkok to go visit my dad, who lives there full time.
I'd never been to Thailand before and I'd heard lots of good and bad things so I didn't really know what to expect, luckily for me I basically had a professional tour guide to show me all the wonderful sights of the city.
First things first, Bangkok is incredible. Its physically beautiful in the same way as New York and Las Vegas are, lots of bright lights, neon signs and crazy cabs that stop for no-one.
Bangkok is home to Nana Plaza - 'The world's largest adult playground'. It's situated on one of the busiest streets in Bangkok (Soi 4) and has 3 floors of Go-Go bars. It may make you cringe to think about going to a place that is full of women and ladyboys walking around in their underwear trying to make you come and watch them dance - but I found it refreshing that these people celebrated their sexuality and were proud to be there.
On my second day we went to a big indoor market/mall called MBK. It was nothing like anywhere I'd been before, but I suppose I could compare it to the clothes show, just 100 times bigger, more crowded and much more diverse. MBK is full of fake designer goods, which is something you'd never find in the UK. I'm not saying it's legal to sell fake Mulberry handbags in Thailand but it is perhaps, not quite as regulated as it is here.
On my 3rd day, we went to a rooftop bar called Above Eleven, which had an amazing view of the skyline from thirty-something floors up. The drinks were expensive as to be expected but in my opinion, it was more than worth it. I've had an affinity for rooftop bars since I visited the one at the Empire Hotel in New York in 2013 (fulfilling my gossip girl fangirl dreams), i recommend them highly, you get the most amazing views and get to experience a brief taste of how the other-half live.
I could sit here all day and type away about all the crazy and wonderful things there are in Bangkok but frankly, I wouldn't be able to do it justice.
On 2nd January we hired a mini-bus and travelled 250 miles to the island of Koh Chang (Elephant Island) for a little break by the sea. To be expected, the beaches were soft white sand and the sea was warm and clear. 
Koh Chang isn't as well known as tourist islands such as Koh Samui so it was relatively quiet, however, if you hire motorbikes like we did then you can whizz along to the different beaches a long the coastline and find plenty of things to do. We stayed in some of the huts that are dotted around each resort, they definitely weren't 4 star hotels and mine in particular was full of lizards but they did have a certain Thai charm about them.
On one of the days we spent an incredible afternoon at an elephant sanctuary where we rode them and then swam with them in a natural pool in the jungle. I think that swimming with the elephants was by far my favourite part of the entire trip. The elephants were so gentle and they splashed water over us with their trunks!
Anyway, I don't want this to be a play-by-play of every single thing I did away so i'll cut it short here but basically, Thailand is amazing and I really would recommend it to anyone.

here's a couple of pictures from the trip...